Everyone knows that every little girl wants a pony or horse when they are young or wish to have one when they grow up. Few people can afford or have the space to keep a real horse or pony so some smart people have come up with the perfect solution. Horse riding games were created in the early nineties for adults and children to have the privilege of owning a virtual horse. I know its not the same as owning your own real life horse that you can pet and ride whenever you want but still you will be surprised to learn that some people do treat these virtual horses as living creatures.

Only the millennium started the production, design and creation of proper computer horse games that can be bought in Retail establishments allowing gamers to actually ride their virtual horses in a really cool 3D (three dimensional) environment. If you want a game where you can actually ride the game horse you should get a computer game that is bought from a shop on a CD.

I have played lots of horse games over the past few years, starting back in 2001 I first discovered a very good horse games online which I spent hours playing each day. It allowed me to breed my own horses and train them overnight, however over the years I discovered many pc horse games come out after finding this game which gradually got better and better, I tried these new horse games and some I liked (the ones that featured breeding horses) and others I disliked (ones that only had events). However now I play some really good online horse games and now play a few on consoles which are becoming much better graphically and more realistic.

There are many different types of virtual horse games, some allow you to ride your virtual horses in English styles while others will allow you to horse ride in western, however the more popular of the two is the English riding. Horse games are really fun for people of all ages, as long as you enjoy horses even if you donít have real ones it is truly a great experience to learn how to control a horse and in your mind be riding the horse.

There is another type of fun horse games which involve the player to login to a website and care for their own virtual horses on online horse games. They will also allow you to play and interact with other horse games players using the same site, which will allow you to trade horses and use each other player services such as borrowing a stallion to breed to your mare to produce a foal.

I would greatly recommend anyone who likes horses to try and play a horse games. I would first suggest picking a good online game which you can get to by the horse games link on the top of the site, if you really like those games you can then go one step ahead and buy a 3D horse games! They are really so much fun and allow anyone to own and ride their own virtual horse.

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